Lowenbrau, the Rocks & Baroque Bistro: reliving Europe

27 Mar

Starting the night with an invitation to the Argyle, a deliberate detour home to dispose car and one (banker) birthday boy was always going to be a good night. Q was the one boy in my Europe trip of 2009 who suffered quite a bit in his decision to travel with 5 other girls. However, I think he did enjoy himself, because he did invite us all to his latest birthday drinks. I trekked out after a long week at work and imminent storm in a show of camaraderie and friendship.



Overpriced peach bellini anyone? (perhaps I had a few. Cufflinks of the corporate boy across from the table not included)

After a “couple” of “quiet” drinks, we ventured off for some food/solids to satiate hunger/subdue the effects of drinking.

Naturally, we went to the Lowenbrau.


Reliving Europe or just needing meat? You decide.


I split the Schattplatt with the Handbag for pure indecisiveness and sizing reasons, complete with pork crackling, meats and potato. It did bring me back to my time at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, complete with giant pork knuckle and giant beer. (Exhibit A below)


We also split a few rounds of drinking beer songs and revelry with the resident German band to relive some moments of our holiday and to demonstrate our knowledge of important cultural lessons of German culture 101. Whoever said travelling around Europe on a coach tour was a culturally barren experience? In any case, we learnt something about the importance of yelling out “Prost” – deceiving the waitresses there into thinking we knew German.

This is not including the other lessons we learnt in our “Busload full of Aussies” holiday. Lesson 1: Do not imitate Hitler. Lesson 2: Do not pinch the butt of your waitress. Lesson 3: Stay away from anyone who violates Lesson 1 and 2. Guilt by association is definitely a concept which has a somewhat onerous burden of proof, particularly in the beerhalls of Munich.

I digress.

Afterwards, we ventured across the street and metaphoric geographic border to Baroque Bistro for dessert. Unlike the raucous revelry of the Lowenbrau, we smartened up and had a very subdued and well behaved birthday celebration with our desserts and one tres chic waitress, who arranged a candle on top of Q’s macaron.

The verdict on the dessert? I had the chocolate tart with peanut butter and banana ice cream which was sublime without being overly wankily deconstructed.


The flavours of the banana ice cream (and yes, the ice cream tasted like banana) went well with the side of pop rocks (of peanut butter?) and the richness of the chocolate tart. The chocolate tart was rich without being overpowering – and nicely sized.


A & the Handbag both had the peach souffle which really tasted like peach and had the fluffy cloudlike texture of a cloud. The Handbag sneakily demolished most of it, though he nicely remembered to offer me some when it was reaching the end of the dish. The coffee macaron and almond biscuits also packed a punch.


Unfortunately the dessert of the day which was fiercely sold by Awesome Waitress did not live up to expectation (along with my photo taking skills – thanks mini camera and bad lighting). Though it was nicely presented in a mini imitation La Creusset, the presentation must have overcooked the chocolate fondant. It was nicely flavoured but did not have the gooey inside. Perhaps it was the hype and the excellent marketing skills of the waitress? But look at the  presentation – surely that can enhance the flavour…no…?


Q unfortunately wasn’t feeling too good by this stage (it could have been the couple of drinks, the company, the 1L stein of beer – who knows). Naturally the girls snuck bites of his creme brulee when he was away from the table.

Friendship (and vacationing nostalgia) has never tasted better.


2 Responses to “Lowenbrau, the Rocks & Baroque Bistro: reliving Europe”

  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella March 27, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    I love platters like the Schattplatts so you can have a bit of everything! And hehe I know some guys that would love to travel with 5 girls!:P

    • Charlene March 27, 2011 at 11:45 am #

      teehee, yes, i think he did secretly enjoy the company even if he did complain at various times…he never had any problems getting into clubs though!

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