Eating at work: or why I started eating sandwiches again.

8 Mar

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired recently about finding new places to eat and explore. I’m not sure whether it is the ‘being back in Sydney’ factor or whether I’m trying to focus on other things – such as eating somewhat healthily and maintaining a balanced diet. As boring as such goals are, Year 1 of full time work taught me that even though I used to be gifted with a fast metabolism when I was 16 years old, my metabolism is slowing down (curse you!) and that digesting random food stuffs is definitely not as easy as it used to be.

Lesson 1: regular banana bread and chocolate snacking does leave its impression on your waistline!

Lesson 2: I don’t even really like commercial banana bread and random Cadbury/Nestle milk chocolate that much anyway.

Lesson 3: I don’t really want to pay $8 for an oversized sandwich (which really isn’t that great).

Lesson 4: The Sandwich Press is your friend.

Lesson 5: Bring baking paper for the communal sandwich press.

When I was at school (i.e. when metabolism was topping the class), I hated eating sandwiches, even though I would like the individual elements of the sandwich. The only sandwich I would tolerate would be a peanut butter one.

Reason? Soggy sandwiches, living in your lunch box for 5 hours – not an appetising prospect. I was a slightly picky child.

Work salads/sandwiches?

A sandwich press, lettuce leaves and toaster work wonders. Also leaves me room in my pocket for my daily coffee muhaha.


IMG_0197lad Autumn win: Salad with baby lettuce leaves, walnuts, avocado, figs and corn bits. Carrots on the side for absent minded nibbling.


Melted Jarlsberg, avocado, egg and white nectarine on side. ❤ stone fruit…bah bye.


More stone fruit <3: plum, nectarine + melted cheese w/turkey and lettuce. Note: put lettuce in AFTER you have melted cheese to avoid soggy wilted lettuce leaves. IMG_0181

Toasted bread, avocado, tuna and cucumber. Avocado makes everything better. IMG_0199

Soy Linseed Toasted Bread, Turkey & Cheese melted sandwich with lettuce. Also figs hiding back there Smile


One Response to “Eating at work: or why I started eating sandwiches again.”

  1. Miglena June 15, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    Thumbs up for the good food!

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